Meet the Team

POMA Global is a team of psychologists, professors, social worker/psych-social workers, researchers and communities working towards a common goal of improving the mental health and ensuring protection from psychological harm for crisis-affected communities. We have teams in various locations, working directly with communities to implement grassroots-led change and development. Due to the crisis in Afghanistan, our team has expanded to become a global network of experts and humanitarians, working to provide mental health care and protection for the most vulnerable. Our research aims to support political and social change and improve the lives of marginalised communities. By providing our protection services and MHPSS to vulnerable communities globally, we seek to mitigate the effects of instability and trauma.

Our Team

Usman Shah Zahirzai
Usman Shah ZahirzaiLead Researcher
Hannah Lane
Hannah LaneResearch and Development Coordinator
Elizabeth Klapheke
Elizabeth KlaphekeMHPSS and Child Protection Lead
Sarfaraz Hussain
Sarfaraz HussainDesigner


Lindsay Bingaman
Lindsay BingamanMHPSS Expert
Alex Moler
Alex MolerM&E Expert

Board Members

Jean Marie Deliso
Jean Marie DelisoFinancial Advisor
Matthew Rodieck
Matthew RodieckPublic Health
Sarah Keinath
Sarah KeinathData Analyst
Dr Nishank Motwani
Dr Nishank MotwaniResearcher
Giancarlo de Picciotto
Giancarlo de PicciottoSenior Advisor
Ellie Davis
Ellie DavisFinancial Advisor
Elizabeth Frei
Elizabeth FreiClinical Psychologist
Matthew Longmore
Matthew LongmoreCommunications and Advocacy Specialist
Ahmad Farshid Ghyasi
Ahmad Farshid GhyasiTechnology and Web Development
Rohullah Amin
Rohullah AminResearcher
Dr Heidi Horsley
Dr Heidi HorsleyPsychologist