Newsletter & Updates

Newsletter & Updates

February 2024 

PoMA has continued to grow over 2023 and into the new year. We continue to provide direct clinical care to those in need, and to provide consultancy support to like-minded organizations working in Afghanistan and across the globe. 

 We began the year 2023 by conducting a large data collection project in Warsaw, Poland, with Mixed Migration Centre (MMC). There we gathered information on Ukrainian and third-country nationals fleeing Ukraine and their migration experiences. Our work helped to create a hard-hitting report on trafficking risks for this population. 

We then begun an exciting new project in Syria with Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), developing Psychosocial Support (PSS) curriculums for universities in North-East and North-West Syria. The first of its kind, we are piloting the course with tens of enthusiastic students, ready to stay and support their communities. 

 Throughout the year, we have continued to support communities in Afghanistan, conducting needs assessments for CARE, focused on the mental health, social, and economic needs of vulnerable communities with a particular focus on women and girls. We have now started off the year 2024 working with Choose Love to distribute much-needed winter kits to families affected by the earthquakes in Herat. Our commitment to Afghanistan and its people remains, whilst we branch out and support communities elsewhere. 

January 2022

Since August 2021, Afghanistan has undergone a transformational period which has resulted in difficult times for many, especially the unaccompanied children we were working to help.

In the months of November and December we teamed up with Choose Love to pack and distribute essential item packages to families in need, across Kabul. With the harsh winter, and the months of unemployment experienced by large numbers of Afghans since the fall of the government, hunger and malnutrition has been a huge issue, disproportionately affecting children. With the support of our colleagues at Netlinks, we were able to deliver over 100 packages to family homes.
Since then, we have continued to work with organizations inside and outside of Afghanistan, and we are thrilled to announce we will soon begin working in Libya and Syria.
Our team is excited to begin this New Year, continuing to support our colleagues and the unaccompanied children in Kabul and outside of the country, and lending our expertise and knowledge to organisations working all across the Middle East.

August 2021

August 2021

Peace of Mind Afghanistan (POMA) has watched with great concern as the security and political turmoil has engulfed Afghanistan. Our organization has been dedicated to engaging in frontline interventions with the country’s most vulnerable populations – women and children affected by violent conflict – through mental health and psychological support, family reunification, and community reintegration.
We are pausing our normal operations and focusing our attention on providing the very basic needs to as many children in Kabul’s shelters as possible. Our focus at this moment in time is ensuring the safety of the children in the shelters, and our immediate priorities involve making sure the children have enough food and access to medical care, and reuniting the children with their families as quickly as possible. This is extremely challenging under the current circumstances, and with no access to our Afghan bank account, we are in dire need of donations.
We stand with all the children in the shelters, the children we have helped before and the children we are yet to help. We are devastated by this turn of events, but determined to continue our work for as long as possible. The safety of our staff is paramount, and we are working hard to find safe passage out of the country for our Afghan staff, however a small team of staff are committed to staying on the ground.
We are asking for donations to continue our work in the shelters, and for all of our supporters to spread our message and raise awareness of the current crisis situation in Afghanistan. The more people we reach, the more children we can help. What’s next for POMA is unknown, but with your help we can continue to keep children safe, and protect their rights in this near unforeseeable, and unpredictable future.