Dr. Susan Song
Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist

Suzan Song, MD, MPH, PhD, is currently Division Director of Child, Adolescent & Family Psychiatry and Associate Professor at George Washington University. She is also an associate with the MHPSS Collaborative of Save the Children Denmark working with youth in humanitarian conflict. Specific to the anti-trafficking field, she is a technical adviser to ICF for the U.S. State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons where she provides mandatory training to all staff working in the anti-trafficking field. She has given multiple Congressional briefings on human trafficking, and was an invited presenter to the National Council on Sex Trafficking. She is also a technical adviser to the National Human Trafficking Training and Assistance Center, and works closely with the U.S. Presidential Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. In the past, she worked with former child soldiers from a clinical, research, and policy perspective in Sierra Leone (with Harvard University), Liberia (as policy adviser to the Minister of Health), and Burundi (where she conducted research for her PhD from the University of Amsterdam).