Suicidal Feelings

Suicide is the act of intentionally taking your own life. Suicide is best understood not so much as a movement toward death as it is a movement away from something and that something is [...]

Overcoming Guilt

I had to overcome the fear of talking to my friend about losing his father. In Afghanistan, it is not okay to talk about the people who are not with us anymore because it [...]

They Took My Daughter

I had an arranged marriage when I was 17. My husband was a drug addict who used to beat me. For a year I kept my struggles to myself. When I was 4 months pregnant [...]

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

It all started as just a few thoughts .But over time, I started having extremely bad anxiety and was becoming more depressed. School was using the little effort I had left. I gave up all [...]

Sad Stories Everywhere

I was in third grade of school when my family moved back to Kabul, a city torn by civil war and its people devastated. They enrolled me in a public school that had just one [...]

Recognition is The First Step

…and I’m standing right here, for all that happened in my life, I am mentally emotional, emotionally distracted, and sick altogether. I grew up in the beautiful but heart-breaking chaos many of us call Kabul [...]

I Worry About Worrying

You could ask me one simple question, but my anxiety turns it into 20 questions within seconds. “Are you okay?” becomes “Why are they asking me that?”, “Do I not look okay?”, “Have I done [...]